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Jason Trippett

Jason Trippett

Wealth Advisor

Every once in a while, you may be lucky enough to meet someone who you can talk to easily right from the start. Someone who genuinely listens to you and gets it. Jason is one of those people. He has a passion for treating everyone with warmth and respect and ensures that all his clients receive the same level of personal service and attention to detail regardless of their line of work or their account balance.

Working in the financial services industry for 20 years, Jason takes a holistic approach to serving his clients. Open, honest conversations help him get the full picture of each person’s story so that he can assess the appropriate options and offer strategies uniquely suited to each situation. His greatest reward is watching a plan work to help someone reach their retirement goals, reduce debt, or fulfill a dream.

Jason also has another mission—to add value to people’s lives by helping households achieve financial literacy. Financial education can free families from unnecessary anxiety and it plants the seeds of good financial habits for future generations. He knows what a difference it could make in a person’s life and he wants others to have that advantage. In serving his clients he goes above and beyond, offering to educate clients’ children or family members as part of his service he provides.

A graduate of Albion College and now settled in Southern California, Jason grew up in a small community in rural Michigan, where he learned the value of money through hard work. Every summer he earned money to play summer league baseball and later, he worked his way through college making cereal at Kellogg’s in Battle Creek Michigan. After graduating college, Jason moved to Metro Detroit to start his own financial services business. He’s used to life in the big city, the small town, and everything in between, and gained friends at every stage.

On a personal level, Jason enjoys working out at the boxing gym, going to movies, reading, and writing—including writing screenplays for feature films.