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Wealth Management

Delivering sophisticated options to Execute your investment Strategy.


Finding the right investment strategies to meet your financial goals is a complex exercise. Working with your financial professional to select the best blend of investments is key, and that starts with discovering your unique financial goals and understanding these will change over time. The Wealth Management Platform is the robust, flexible advisory platform to help achieve your goals.


As your investment goals evolve, Jason will work with you and make adjustments to your strategy as you travel through your financial journey. Although everyone's path is unique, three major phases emerge through adulthood: Build a Foundation, Use Your Wealth, and Make it Last. Each stage requires thoughtful financial planning and strategic investment choices.

Advisor Managed Portfolios

Diverse Options, selected by your financial professional. Minimums starting at $50,000

  • Your financial professional acts as portfolio manager-creating and managing your model allocations, guiding investment product selections, and reallocating as needed for your goals
  • Powerful modeling and trading tools allow for easy execution, rebalancing and ongoing portfolio management
  • Access to a wide spectrum of investments design a custom portfolio

Genesis Model Portfolios

Targeted allocations. Expertly constructed. Minimums starting at $5,500.*

  • Third-Party Strategists creating and managing turnkey model allocations
  • Defined Strategic, Dynamic, or Tactical Investment methodologies.
  • Mutual Fund and/or ETF-based mobels

Separately Managed Accounts

Individual portfolios. Professional management. Minimums starting at $100,000.

  • Greater potential for tax efficiency for tax-loss harvesting
  • Access to high-quality investment managers and flexibility in asset a location construction
  • You own the individual securities held within the portfolio, and your assets are not comingled with other investors' assets.

Unified Managed Accounts

Multiple managers. Simplified administration. Minimums starting at $5,500.

  • Ability to use all programs in one account
  • Consolidated reporting and one 1099
  • Enhanced tax-loss harvesting across managers and asset types


The Wealth Management Platform delivers options, flexibility, and a full suite of features for your financial professional to efficiently execute your investment strategy.

Online Investor Access

View your accounts and performance online 24/7 at your leisure.

Quarterly Reporting

Performance reporting generated quarterly.

Customized Proposals

Comprehensive, yet clear proposal detailing your financial professional's specific recommendations for you.

Research &  Due Diligence

In-house team analyzing a robust database of information to complete comparisons and make informed confident decisions.

Asset Allocation Models

Variety of models to choose, tailored to your account, goals and objectives.